Monday, January 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Steph

It wasn't an eventful weekend but it was productive on the homefront: Friday night I stayed home, didn't go to hockey, where I was able to finish most of my house cleaning. Saturday I cleaned out the spare room, washed the sheets and packed Kristen's hunting stuff away for another season. Then I talked to Kristen's step mom and mom on the phone for a bit (don't talk to them as often as we should).
Then Myrna & Jamie showed we had homemade pizza for supper and headed out to a movie. We had all intentions of going to see Primeval. The website said it was playing at the theatre we went too, but when we got there it wasn't playing. I asked the ticket girl what happened to it and she said there wasn't enough people coming to see it so they got rid of it. We decided to go see Smokin' Aces instead. I enjoyed the movie, I think Myrna & Jamie did too, but Kristen 'not so much'
Yesterday we watched The Da Vinci Code (haven't read the book) and I really liked it. Kristen and I then went skate shopping, he needed new blades which would have cost around $70 so he decided he might as well just get new skates since the ones he liked were on sale this weekend. I didn't go to hockey last night either, I finished up some laundry and talked to my mom & dad since everytime they called this weekend they kept missing me.
And tonight I will be heading to Steph's house to wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope it's a good one chicka!

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Ickie said...

I watched Primeval, thankfully I downloaded it and didnt pay fo rit. It was awful. Sorry to say.