Monday, January 15, 2007's winter

How many of you are "wishing the dogs at me" right now...(newfie slang I think)

I HATE driving in this weather, actually took me almost 2 hrs to get too work this morning. YET I'm so happy and excited that it's snowing, that we're getting seasonable weather. This whole El Ninio stuff freaks me out, just seems eery when it's winter and it's +8 degrees out, not to mention how this must affect the farmers and their crops. And however many other people who's jobs are affected by the lack of snow (ski hills, shops that fix/sell snowblowers, snowmobilies, etc)

Yet I must be a true Canadian, I love winter (hate the cold too) and just as happy to see it go, but I thoroughly enjoy every season and all for very different reasons. Winter is just so cozy, and quiet. Things actually slow down in the winter, I'm very productive on the home front and with scrapbooking in the winter. I don't do many winter activities but when I lived in Nfld winter activities far outweighed the summer activities, there was just so much to can do the same things here, just costs more to do it.

Anyway...just sharing in my excitement today :) Have a good one everyone.

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myrna_weblog said...

Can't say that I share your sentiments regarding winter - But, I was VERY happy to stay home and enjoy a "snow day"!