Thursday, October 12, 2006


Yes...we just had snow falling, for about 3 minutes and nothing that stayed on the ground. More like white flakes just blowing around in the air. I don't like the cold but boy do I love snow! I was so excited. Not quite prepared for winter yet since I do enjoy fall but exciting all the same.

I decided to check the weather network to see what I should be expecting weather-wise for the weekend and tomorrow is supposed to be 3 degrees but feel like -4 ...brrrr...and next tuesday back up to 19! No trouble to tell we live in Canada :)


Stephanie said...

You guys had snow? Wow, we`ve had some frost but no snow yet

Anonymous said...

Hello Christa,

Hope you don’t Mind that I stopped by your blog (great job by the way) … I am also a fellow blogger so stop by any time.