Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I don't know what to call this post :)

So many pictures to post, yet nothing downloaded ...sorry.

Mono - a small town out in the country not far from Shelburne,....went there Saturday night to an old co-workers house....very nice...I have pictures to post later.

Jury Duty - I received a survey in the mail that I am required by law to fill out and return within 5 days. Doesn't mean I have to go to court...yet...just means I might be selected at a later date for a jury selection....great, just great! I mailed back my survey this morning.

Pumpkins - Purchased on Sunday since there was a sale at A&P I bought 4...3 for me and 1 for Kristen's little cousin Esau. Not sure what I'm going to carve yet, need to figure that out soon.

Hockey - Freezerland lost Friday night 4-1 against a crazy, fightin, psycho team! Can't even imagine if they were losing. And the Almag team lost on Sunday as well...something like 6-1 if I remember....he he he.

Volleyball - cancelled this week due to construction in one of the school gyms :( SUCKS!

Christmas - Only 68 days til CHRISTMAS!!! Have you started shopping yet? I have...I know I'm so anal....lol.


Ickie said...

I dont want to think about Christmas yet!!
Also I like the new layout.

Stephanie said...

I have 3 gifts so far-I like to get an early start.

Quirky Christa said...

Had to pick a new layout, pink was driving me crazy for some reason. Hopefully I'll stick with this one for a while :)

myrna_weblog said...

I have some shopping done but still A LOT to go. Glad I started early. I just got Olivia's Robeez shoes in the mail - they are adorable!