Thursday, September 7, 2006

Weekend Plans

This weekend will be our last camping trip of the season. There were supposed to be a few of us going but due to sudden trips to Nfld and parents coming to visit from Nfld it'll just be Kristen and I going. We went camping once just the two of us, quite a few years ago, and said we would never do it again.
But I'm okay with just the two of us going this weekend, might as well give it a second chance and see what it's like. I'm sure I'll enjoy our time alone more than he will, girls are just like that. Even if he did he probably wouldn't admit it in a million years....
So we're off to The Pinery Provincial Park which is near Grand Bend if anyone is familiar with Ontario geography at all. I think we have to drive almost 3 hrs to get there. I'm taking tomorrow afternoon off work to hopefully avoid some of the Friday traffic.
Anyway time to go, I'll do my best to post pictures when we return. Have a good weekend everyone :)

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