Monday, September 11, 2006

Pics from the Pinery

Boy were we impressed! The Park is huge approx 6000 acres, the waters and beach were the cleanest I've seen at a provincial park. It's on Lake Huron if I hadn't mentioned that before. We'll definitely be going back next summer but hopefully this time for a long weekend and bringing or renting bikes since there are soooo many trails to do.

Some pics of the beach

Kristen digging a whole then both of us sinking our feet in it, felt like we were kids at Christmas but instead just playing in the A little too cold for swimming but still nice to wade our feet.

Love this picture of Kristen fishing, you can't see the rod but he is, only caught tiny little sunfish which he threw back in.

The sunset, it was sooo windy and cool but still a nice evening.


myrna_weblog said...

The beach looks beautiful...Vicki was right!
I love the pic of Kristen with his feet stuck in the sand and laughing as he's going off balance. Even funnier would be if the next pic was of him face-planted on the beach...lmao!!

dafrhug said...

That campground looks absolutely beautiful - bet it was a great weekend.

Ickie said...

Looks like you guys had a good time after all with just the two of you.