Monday, September 18, 2006

Saw an Accident going to work today!

Driving to work this morning, a guy probably around my age driving a green cavalier or sunfire hit a Ford Explorer or Escape not sure which since it all happened to fast.

I was driving and heard a bang when I looked in front of me but to the left lane, I see smoke, I first think the car had lost his engine because all I saw was smoke, but as the car pulled back a bit I realized it had just rear-ended the SUV in front of him. His air bag had went off and his front end was completely pushed in. I didn't see any damage on the rear end of the SUV. He must have not been paying attention or just didn't react fast enough when everyone hit their brakes (morning traffic!!) I looked over at him as I passed by and he was just sitting there completely stunned, I would be too since he was just whacked in the face with the air bag along with shock. The driver of the SUV was pulling over to go back to check on him, or it appeared that way as I drove by. I just feel so bad for the guy in the car cause I know exactly how he feels, even though my accident was almost 5 years ago now, and also not being the one doing the hitting but being the car being hit.

Anyway that's my monday morning story....

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