Friday, September 15, 2006

Quote for the Day

Kristen and I have been discussing so many things lately that somedays in makes my head spin. I believe we're at a point in our lives when it's time to make BIG decisions, such as I do not have baby fever, so let's clear that idea up right away :) Even though the last couple of nights this week when I've been feeding Tristan, it's been awfully

However, quite a few friends have babies, are having babies or planning to have babies so obviously it makes one think. Think so much, that one day I decided to figure out what our finances would be like if I were to get pregnant now...let's just say it wasn't very encouraging. Which lead to the discussions between Kristen and I about staying in Ontario or moving to better ourselves financially to put kids into the mix. Absolutely nothing has been decided but I have a strong feeling that we will be making BIG decisions regarding all these things in the next year or so. Even if we decide to stay in Ontario, have babies on our salaries I'm sure we'd find a way to make a go of it, everyone does and if you had to wait til you could literally 'afford' kids then you'd never have them, I'm fully aware of all that. But right now, it's what Kristen and I feel is best for our lives and what we want for our futures. ANYWAY....all this because I read this quote today and of course it made me think again about everything in general, thought it was a good one and just what I needed right now.

"It's never too late---in fiction or in life---to revise." --Nancy Thayer


Messa1981 said...

I can totally relate to how your feeling!! Everyone around me is having babies too which makes me think what it would be like, the pro's & the con's float through my mind as well!!lol

Stephanie said...

You`re right-there is no perfect time to have kids but you do have to be prepared somewhat both emotionally and financially. I`m sure you`ll make a good decision.