Monday, September 25, 2006

It's Fall

Where do I begin?

Friday - Kristen's hockey league started, they lost....guess they have to get the rust off from all summer..he he he. This year they have a new sponser "Freezerland" and the owners of the store were out to watch the game. Told me they're going to be out to watch every Friday since they don't live in the area and usually spend the night in town anyway. There were some pictures taken of the team I will post one if I can get someone to email me a copy :)

Saturday - What a productive day!! I completely gutted out and cleaned my front entrance closet, I had finally bought a shoe organizer for the darn space and boy am I pleased with how neat and tidy it is now. I got caught up on all my laundry, finished all my housework AND completely gutted out the walk in closet in our master bedroom. When Kristen got home from shopping in the states I said go look in our room, he said hey when is the last time we saw the floor of our closet like that? I said probably when we moved in....shameful isn't it!! Then Saturday night Kristen and I went to Bass Pro for a look, he finished buying the last few 'necessities' he needed for hunting...notice necessities in quotes because EVERYTHING for hunting is a necessity. Then we stopped by Corey and Vickys house to say hi since Corey was away all week moose hunting, he didn't get a moose but he did have a bear walk all over his truck while he was in the woods one evening.

Sunday - Up pretty early, had breakfast, then headed to Brampton again for Kristen's Sunday hockey league that started, but not before stopping by Jen and Chris's house who just returned from Nfld. It was kind of funny seeing Jen & myself talk so fast that it felt like we couldn't get everything said fast enough....nice to see them home :) And to Canadian Tire to buy shelves to organize the walk in closet. To find out when I got home one of them was missing the harware, going back tonight to exchange it. Then off to the game where the results were a 7-7 tie, what a game...seemed like goal for goal the whole 3 periods. Great game to watch! When we got home I made dinner for Brian and his girlfriend Angel...we hadn't seen them the whole weekend, they didn't show up Friday night, we were in bed when they showed up Saturday night and we left to go to hockey before they were up on Sunday. So I made penne a la vodka as per Brian's request. We chatted with them for a bit and then they went home. I think they're going to come back in a few weekends since we really didn't have much of a visit with them.

Which brings us to Monday!....tonight I'm going to Brampton after work to register for volleyball for the year, go to Canadian Tire (mentioned above) and to the post office to mail a package to my mom. When I get home this evening I will load the dishwasher and that is it! Well probably not because I'll want the shelves put up to get the closet finished, but we'll see how I feel.

Oh don't forget, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is on tonight :) And happy Fall 2006 first day of fall was on Saturday! Love seeing the leaves change colour.


myrna_weblog said...

Crazy how the bear was walking all over his truck!
I started cleaning out my closet and armoire too. Didn't make as much progress as you, however, and now my room is an even bigger mess than when I started.

dafrhug said...

Yeah, every time I clean/organize, I end up with a bunch of stuff sitting in the middle of the room afterwards and no where to put it. lol.

Those bear paw prints are crazy!!!!