Friday, September 22, 2006

Friday Thoughts

Sorry I 've been away all week, it's been a bit hectic. I did watch Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip on Monday night and was thoroughly impressed. I think I will become a regular viewer whenever possible (and my bed doesn't call me first). Also have some news about Grey's Anatomy, the season premier was to be last night it came on at 8pm the same time as Survivor and wasn't coming on anymore til 11pm (I have satellite) so I taped Survivor at 8pm (for Jen who's in PEI) and watched it with Kristen, Steph and baby Tristan. Then at 11pm I set the VCR to tape the season premeir since it was too late for me to stay up. To find out this morning on the radio that CTV (Cdn channel that I had set VCR too) aired the 2nd episode of the season not the premier. So NOW....I have to wait til the premier is re-aired this week and tape that for Jen too! Plus watch it myself. It's just all so confusing :) a co-worker told me today though that the premier was awesome, she watched it on an american station.

Our border left yesterday so our house is officially back to normal. I am so excited over this. Boy did this situation end up not exactly what we had hoped for our first summer in the house but now it's done and we've learned our lesson. We can be nice and help people when they need a hand but definitely need to be more firm in the boundaries we set. Just hate to see people in a jam. However it's short lived as Kristen's brother, girlfriend and his friend are coming to visit for the weekend, but I'm SO okay with this because he's family. And it's different having family coming to visit compared to having a stranger live in your house. It'll be really nice to see them this weekend.

Also I've been doing some soul searching this week (I've been driving to work myself most of the week so lots of time to think), I feel God has allowed my life to take certain turns over the past months for various reasons, and I'm trying to really evaluate myself and my role regarding so many different spectrums in my life right now. I totally believe that poem about friends may only come into your lives for a season, but for a reason. And I also believe that we all have a purpose that most of the time is unknown to us. But there are times when I sit back and think did God allow this to happen just so I could be here for when this was to happen? I know a lot of this is probably gibberish to you, but it makes sense to me :)

Anyway....Kristens Friday night hockey league starts tonight. I'm really looking forward to it, I like getting out and watching his games. Not sure what other plans I have this weekend, as the visiting family will be in Toronto all day tomorrow and then most of the evening for a concert, and I think Kristen is going to be taking a day trip across the border with a friend to get some hunting gear....he always needs something...that boy! I'm considering going shopping myself but we'll see how I feel once I get up. I really don't want to be stuck in the house but we'll see, cause I do have lots of cleaning that I could, wait should be And Sunday Jen and Chris will be back from Nfld...yay! So I'll be going there to visit her since volleyball registration is Monday night and we're possibly short a player....eeek!! It's a volleyball CRISIS!! What to do??


Stephanie said...

Holy Cow!! I knew it couldn`t have been the season premiere-it just didn`t seem right but I missed the first 10 minutes so I thought it was just me. Anyway, the 2nd episode is really funny. Time to read the recap for the premiere.

Jenny said...

Hi Christa,

I actually got to see Grey's Anatomy on the ferry to was a miracle. It came on at 9 here and that's the exact time we got on the both, started to come on while I was walking into the room. :) So you don't need to tape it for me now. It was awesome, there was 3 ladies who worked on the ferry watching it with me, so much fun. But I did miss Survivor. I'm in PEI now and we will be leaving tomorrow. Can't wait to see you all. Miss you guys soooo much. Love Jen