Monday, July 24, 2006

Monday Musings

Weekend: Went camping, had great weather, a great time, was exactly what I needed after such a roller coaster of a week. Will post pictures later this week.

Kenda: ARRIVES TOMORROW! So excited, outside of my parents she will be the first family to ever visit me from home. Have LOTS to do tonight, cleaning, laundry, baking (muffins & cookies, yum) etc, etc, etc :) All worth it!

Scrapbooking: Still haven't done a thing! However Kristen and I have been talking about getting my own little scrapbooking area set up in the basement so there's no packing up and unpacking everything that I own (not that there's THAT much, but enough) everytime I want to scrap. We've been doing a bit of brain-storming and Kristen has great ideas. I'm so impressed cause I really thought it was going to be a project that I would have to "direct" him with, but it appears he has better ideas than me, so I may let him design and build to his hearts content and just let it be a surprise.

Blaine: Goes home on Friday, lucky duck! I don't get to go home til next summer :(

A Beautiful Mess: It's a blog that I'm obsessed with this!! Her name is Elsie, found her address through the ME blog, not only is she a great scrapbooker, photographer, and artist in general. She has such an inspiring attitude and outlook on life. If only I could be half as enthusiastic as her, I'd be the happiest person in the world. She's just amazing! I may have mentioned this in a previous post, but I'm not sure, either way it is.

The ME Blog: Check out Myrna's Blog to see the post she put on there, it's soooo good!


myrna_weblog said...

I had fun camping too. And I thought you did great with your emotional rollercoaster, at least I didn't notice any out-of-the-ordinary :)
Thanks for the compliment on my scrapbook page. Elsie will be posting the next challenge on the Me Blog...since you're such a big fan of her work, maybe you should enter the challenge.

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