Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Control Freak?!?!?

I just don't know sometimes....I'm fully aware of how big of a nerd I can be, I like to have lists for just about everything. I do meal plans every two weeks, so that when we buy groceries I have everything that I will need for the recipes. If I'm going on a trip I've planned every bit of clothes and item I'm bringing well in advance, like months before we go...honest. I don't think I'm a control freak though...some may beg to differ. If someone came to me today and said lets go for lunch, I'd be like sure, let's go (as long as they're paying....he he) so it's not that I'm completely unable to be spontaneous or completely devestated if something on the "to do" list doesn't get done (unless of course it was really important but I think that's just common sense).

So I decided to do a survey on about how well do I cope? I figured I would do okay but I'm starting to think I'm worse off then I'm willing to admit :) It says I have potential of becoming a control freak if I'm not's the "jest" what it said:

Stress soldier
You thrive on control and order. Lists, schedules, Post-it note reminders, this is how you cope with life's craziness. The good news is that staying organized is a great way to cope with multiple deadlines. The bad news is that the need to maintain control makes you inflexible – and order can sometimes spiral into obsessive behaviour, pushing loved ones away.

One surefire sign you're addicted to order and control? Is usually all about avoiding humiliation. Do you cringe at the thought of people thinking you're messy? Would you rather die than be thought of as incompetent? Many people are driven by an inner mantra they learnt early in life. You could be repeating, I'll never be good enough, or I must stay on top of things. Try writing down such thoughts so you become aware of negative patterns – it's the first step in getting a handle on them.

The need to control your surroundings can also lead to a need to control others. If you find yourself being easily angered or constantly thinking people should be acting a certain way, you need to rewire your thinking. Turn your expectations into anticipations. For example, imagine you had planned to meet a friend 10 minutes before the 7 o'clock movie and she's running late. If you expected her to arrive on time, chances are you will be frustrated by her lateness. If you anticipated her arrival based on your discussion, but accept that something could have happened to hold her up, you'll feel significantly less stressed and less slighted. It's all about a change of mindset.

Think I'm a control freak now?

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