Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Brian's Boat

I haven't done any scrapbooking in a couple of weeks (or more!) and wanted to share this morning how excited I am about the scrapbooking pages I did last night (here's a couple of the pics that I used) it's a two page layout (8.5X11) of Kristen's dads boat when we were in Nfld. Here's the poem I wrote to go with it....

Brians Boat
Through the sweat bruises and cuts
He struggled to maker her float
She needed tender loving care

It was an old red and white boat

My father in law took us sailing
One beautiful sunny day

And by the time we got home
Things were not going his way

All the sweat and hard work it seems
Had not paid off
She was leaking, sputtering and
I'm sure I heard a cough

He pulled her out of the water
And decided this was her time
To fix her for old times sake

And post the “For Sale” sign

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