Friday, January 20, 2006


I was reading an article this morning from a P&G newsletter that I get via email. It was talking about how cats seems to seek out heat and theories as to's a portion of what it said:
Your cat has good reasons for craving his fun in the sun.Like tiny kittens seek out their mamas, cats find warm spots every chance they get. This is the first sensory quality cats develop, and they don't ever seem to lose it, says John C. Wright, Ph.D., a Certified Applied Animal Behaviourist and Professor of Psychology at Mercer University in Macon, Georgia."For the newborn, the source of something warm and soft is mom's belly, which also is where the kitten finds nourishment and a cuddly place to snooze," Dr. Wright says. Warmth has beneficial physical effects, too, as it helps soothe older cats' aches. Cats with arthritis love to curl up on soft blankets or snuggle with their owners.Some experts also say cats love hot spots because they were originally desert animals, and follow this instinct of their ancestors.
So I thought today I would talk about my kitty, Maggie. She's not a very friendly cat, friends show up and she immediately hides. If they get too close before she gets a chance to sniff them out then the back goes up and a very obvious warning HISS! She Hates children, I think she fears them picking at her or grabbing her tail. Usually she hides from them so quickly that the kids wouldn't even know we have a cat, that's until they walk in the room where she's hiding and you start to hear a low growl. I know she sounds awful but she's not that bad, cause when it's just Kristen and I home, she's so cute and adorable. She loves sleeping in her cat bed or next to a heat vent, usually the one in our bedroom. She loves to play, especially with her toys. But it has to be her yellow mouse or yellow chick, she seems to only like yellow. And when it's bedtime for us, she decides that's playtime for her. We go to bed and all you can hear are the paws thumping across the house, wouldn't know but we had a herd of elephants. Kristen usually hollars at her, "you know this isn't a race track!?!?" I crack up laughing and she totally ignores him. She does this for about 15 min and then comes and cuddles into me for the rest of the night. She's a cat who doesn't like to be picked up yet at night I've seen us pretty much roll on her and she doesn't do anything. I moved her the other night and she just stayed limp like a child who's sound asleep, thought it was funny. On Saturday mornings when we're sleeping in too late, in her opinion, she either pats me on the nose with her paw or starts sniffing my nose with her nose which usually startles me cause her whiskers tickle my face and it wakes me up in a not so pleasant way... lol. Or she'll jump up and run to the edge of the bed and keep doing that til you finally get the hint and follow her out of the room. She loves the basement, no idea why....but if she knows you're going down those stairs she's not long behind or she's racing you down and almost tripping you up. There are so many other things that I could tell you that make up her quirky personality (must be like the owner...he he) but I'll conclude here. I think everyone should do a post about their kitty :)


Ickie said...

Your cat is Beautiful.

myrna_weblog said...

lol...crazy kitty, love the part about her thumping around the house like an elephant when you're trying to sleep. I'm going to post about my kitty too.