Wednesday, June 1, 2005


Bishop Family Posted by Hello

From left to right, Kayla, Uncle Shawn (mom's brother), Aunt Marg and Kenda. They went on their family picnic on Sunday so Kayla sent me the pics they took. It's not so much home that I miss when I see these pictures even though the scenery and lifestyle will never compare, but its my family that I miss. I love getting pictures cause the time when I see them til the next time always seems so long (its been averaging 18months between visits). I just miss being around them and seeing them. Although I talk to the girls online almost everyday it still seems like I don't "know" them like I used too. We don't sit down and laugh or cry together, we can't go shopping or go to Woody Point and get chicken coop together, we can't swap clothes (which I definitely will be doing when I'm home in Aug), or share new finds such as all the girly things like makeup and moisturizers :)

Kayla & Kenda are like the sisters I never had. We grew up next door to each other, if they weren't at our house I was at theirs. We fought like sisters, played like sisters, I protected them like my little sisters, I was expected to look out for them by both my parents and their parents as if I was their big sister, even their classmates thought I was their older sister. Some people think Kayla and I even look alike!

I just hope that no matter what, they always have the trust and comfort level to come to me about anything, good or bad, big or small. Whether its just to have someone to listen, looking for advice, or just a good gab session, that they know I'm there for them as a friend, cousin and a sister

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dafrhug said...

Kayla definetly looks just like you. I can't believe how much they have changed. They have both grown into two beautiful women - just like you.