Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Samantha The Softball Player

Samantha at Softball Posted by Hello

Last night I walked to the ballpark to watch Samantha play softball. I was quite impressed at how well she played for a beginner. I was not impressed with the way some of the parents would yell and pressure their own children. It was so hard at one point to tell this one dad to chill out and just let his daughter have fun. I told my Aunt (Samanthas mom) I would probably be crying in the middle of the field if he were yelling at me like that. Overall it was a good experience and I really liked "Coach Jason" he didn't yell at the girls, he was all about positive reinforcement and he made sure all the girls we're given equal chances at different aspects of the game. They didn't win the game but that didn't damper their spirits, maybe next time SIS!

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