Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Healthy Heart

This week no matter who I talk to (Amanda) or watch on tv (Oprah) its all focusing on living a healthy lifestyle to prevent cancer, heart disease and stroke. I've really started researching these things in the last couple of years, especially heart disease since I myself have a heart murmer and many members of my family had or currently have serious heart problems. Both on my mothers and fathers sides, my grandfather Bishop had an angina attack when I was in highschool, my grandfather Ball had open heart surgery which I was too young to remember, and my Uncle Scott has been sick as long as I can remember.

Uncle Scott cannot work cause he has so many blockages, the smallest simplest tasks that we do without a second thought can confine him to bed or couch all day cause it's taken every last ounce of energy. He has so many blockages that he's even starting to lose his eyesight. The Dr. refuses to go in and try to operate or do anything to help until its a life and death situation. And yet, I love this Uncle dearly, its seems God allows the most caring, humble and peaceful people to be the ones to get sick. He's so soft spoken, always has a smile, makes the effort to travel hours across the Island to visit my dad more than any other sibling that he has (remember a trip like this takes an extreme toll on my Uncle and his wife does all the driving), he's appreciative of beauty since he always comments how much he loves Bonne Bay and he has a God given talent for wood-working that if he were healthy, he would be RICH cause people beg him to make things for them which he unfortunately has to turn down. I wonder what he thinks sometimes, does he worry about his wife, kids, and grandkids missing him when he's gone whether it be sooner or later, or does he have peace because of his deep faith and spiritual walk with God?

So all this brings me to my deep convictions of trying to eat healthy and be active. My genes may have already decided my fate and that I cannot change, but what I can control is how I take care of me. Kristen is my greatest encouragement cause he actually "likes" fruits and veggies so I don't have an excuse of it not being in the fridge or cupboards. I haven't acquired much of a taste for fruit but I'm very proud of myself for tasting new and eating veggies now. Broccoli being one of the veggies I eat more than any other...amazing eh?? I'm not near as active as I was in high school but I now walk twice a week with Myrna (summer months), an odd walk here or there with Jen, plus general activities with Kristen, occasional workouts on the elliptical, and volleyball once a week in the winter months (which I would do every other day if I had the time and money). I was doing pilates last winter which I aboslutely loved but a purchase of a new house put that on hold....for now.

I like to share my new found knowledge of healthy foods, such as why we should eat broccoli (lots of folate/folic acid which promotes fertility) not intending to offend or show off but to encourage friends and family to be healthy too. Yet I fear coming off as a know it all or a hypocrite cause they see me eat those chocolates or potatoe chips. I do not claim to be a heatlh nut or fitness guru although someday it would be nice if I could say that :) in the meantime I'm continually improving in both areas and hope to gain more knowledge and who knows maybe pursue my passion of health and fitness in other areas of my life (eg: career) Please check some of these links if you're interested in furthering your knowledge too :)

Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada
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myrna_weblog said...

Oprah was GREAT yesterday...I learned so much. Need to add calcium and magnesium to my supplements. Staying on the healthy road is tough sometimes but feels so good!