Saturday, December 19, 2009

Vancouver 2010

I was watching CP24 this morning and realized that the Olypmic Torch was minutes away from a street not far from our house. So I bundled poor little Jesse up and took him out in the freezing cold so we could experience a part of history

The passing of the flame
Everyone cheered at this moment

A nice man took a picture of Jesse & I to document the occassion :)

Yes its cold and I only had him out in it about 10 minutes so don't worry all you people who are going to give me heck for taking Jesse out in the cold :)


Heather...again! said...

Taking him out in the cold will only make him tough...if not he'll be a wimp and be more apt to catch virus'.... THATS MY VIEW ANYHOW....just dont tell Nan LOL LOL

Great shot of you and Jesse it!!

Bobbi-Ann said...

I always did too :) I don't drive, Ethan was born in May we went for our first walk when he was 4 days old, and he was always outside! In the winter he had a sleigh and rain cover for his stroller! :) To this day he loves being outside!

By the way he is a handsome little guy!!

Merry Christmas! :) Christmas is so much better when you have kids of your own!!

Tara said...

Very cute photo of you and Jesse! We missed the torch when it came through Grand Falls (boo, hoo), we already had tickets for a Montreal (old timers) Canadians game in a town an hour away.... It's really too bad because there is NEVER anything to do in our town and that day it was a-hopping with fun for the family. Oh well! Who woulda thunk that I would have followed it here.... LOL If I don't comment before Christmas, ENJOY your first Christmas as a family (with a baby)!!!

Anonymous said...

A bit of fresh cold air is not going to hurt him. You had him bundled up!!! Merry Christmas - we are heading up to Perry's Mom in Marathon on Tuesday! Cheer Marianne