Monday, November 9, 2009

I said to a friend this weekend that I honestly feel like I missed fall.
I guess because I've been home so much that I didn't see the trees with their beautiful fall colours.
Now that I'm getting out more the leaves have already fallen to the ground and I missed it :(
However that being said, I can't wait for Christmas this year :)
I'm already in the mood to listen to Christmas music and decorate the tree.
But I'll refrain, I normally take all my decorations out around Dec 1st, this year I have a feeling it'll be closer to Nov 25th (1 month before Christmas)
I'm soooo excited.
Probably because its our first Christmas with Jesse.
I know he can't open presents or "really" understand what will be going on but it doesn't matter. It'll be our first Christmas with him and that's awesome.
----------- friend Myrna & her daughter Sarah came to visit on Saturday for a few hours.
It was great seeing them since they live so far away.
I have one photo to share.
When Sarah arrived she immediately wanted to hold Jesse.
So Mommy set her up on the couch to safely hold him.
While she looks down at him, this 2 & 1/2 year old little girl who I think is going on 16 looks at baby Jesse and says
"You're sooo cute!"
With the perfect tone of voice and expression, I totally cracked up laughing.

Sarah I think it's you that is "so cute!"

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Heather said...

AHHHH.....what a moment! Both children are super sweet and the way Sarah had her hand on Jesse's head is tooo cute!!
Have fun and I'm sure you will LOVE watching Jesse as he admires all the lights and things at Christmas!!