Monday, September 14, 2009

It's all Kristen's fault......

I laughed after I wrote the title to this post, because it IS all Kristen's fault.....LOL.
No not really, but he is the one who "insisted" I post these belly photos today.
As previously mentioned I'm really not a huge fan of the bare belly pics, but since I hadn't really taken any belly pics since our professional ones and now that I'm basically down to 2 weeks, Kristen decided last night that we needed more photos and that they had to be bare belly. we go
As soon as Kristen started clicking the camera he started laughing and told me to stop pushing my belly out.
I immediately reacted and exclaimed....I'M NOT!!!! 
Sure looks that way though doesn't it..... :)
This was late Sunday night, I'm dishevled and tired. 
Hey it was a busy day, I cooked Sunday dinner.
Which by the way took about 2 hours longer than expected because at one point I went to check the chicken to see if it was cooking okay to realize I hadn't even turned the oven on. brain for sure!
And to all of you who keep telling me it doesn't come back...not nice! 
Cause I'll go crazy if I keep doing things like this.
The front shot, which blows my mind cause I still can't get over the distinct lines of when my belly starts and ends. It's just so fascinating...really :)
So on display like a monkey in heels. 
I've felt that way more than once since being pregnant.
It's weird how complete strangers make conversation with you and sometimes make the dumbest remarks.
The lack of attention is something I won't miss when this baby comes out. At least all the attention will be on him or her then....thank goodness :)
Today's Quote
"I am my best work, a series of road maps, reports, recipes, doodles, and prayers from the front lines"
~Audre Lorde


Heather said...

I think it sooo cute.....Dwaynes recation was "Holy Lord Shit, she'll never get through it" I guess thats because your so tiny! Anyhow--memories to be treasured forsure! Take Care and you'll do just for the chicken, I thought that was old age but...I am older than you sooo....we won't go there!

Jennifer said...

OMG, you look awesome girl!!!

vicki said...

Wow, that's alot of baby in there!! Maybe you might be early. Is Boone's bag packed? We are looking forward to it, well maybe not the cats. haha

vicki said...

Forgot to say, YOU LOOK AWESOME!!

Myrna Hynes said...

You look fantastic!! The distinct lines on the last pic freak me out too girl (But not in a bad way!) I'm glad Kristen insisted on the bare belly pics, you'll be glad later that you have them.

Quirky Christa said...

@ Heather: lol...Dwaynes reaction is hilarious but not encouraging at all!

@ Vicki: Boone's bag isn't packed but hopefully this week I'll have him all organized :)

And to all of you....notice how I post these pics and I get more comments than I do on any other post? Monkey in heels, monkey in heels....LOL :)

Bev Sunderland said...

Love the Pics! You look Adorable!! Hope you are still the same size when I get there,LOL!
By the way I still think you are having a Girl! Love Always, MOM!

Della said...

Jamie and I think you are having a boy :) You look great I love pregnant belly pics

*kayla said...

so freaking cute!

Tania Sousa said...

I hope that when I get pregnant i only have a belly lust like you.... you look awesome!!!!