Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend in Review

What a busy but oh so productive
Friday night I had an engagement session. Quite happy with those results. A sneak peek will be up on the photo blog later this week.
Saturday Kristen & I headed out for our usual garage sale routine where we discovered an Estate sale. I've never been to one before but boy did I have the time. This house had the BEST atiques and vintage items. I did get a couple of things. One is shown on my photo blog today. The other I'll show at a later time (lets just say it's a really cool photography prop)
Then we spent the evening with family, who had invited us to their house for a delicious dinner. Yum!
Sunday Kristen & I headed to Home Depot to get the supplies need to complete our basement AND...I bought the paint for the nursery. Hoping to have that done in the next couple of weeks before I go to Nfld on vacation. Figure if the nursery is empty, clean and painted then it'll be much easier to bring things home from the baby shower that my mom and friends are hosting while I'm there. Which I must admit I am pretty excited about.
And then last night we decided to unwind by watching the movie Gran Torino
 This movie is VERY predictable YET I loved it.
Seriously....its been a while since I liked a movie this much.
Today's Quote
Manners are the kindness we give without judgment or expectation.
             ~Tom Chiarella

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