Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Long Weekend in Review

Well can't say I have any complaints about this past long weekend. Definitely grateful I don't do the camping thing anymore. It's just too cold & rainy.
Kristen was away from Friday night til Sunday on his boys annual Turkey hunting weekend. He wasn't actually able to hunt since he'd already filled his tags but at least he still had his boys weekend.
He also rented a lense to try out, the 70-200mm zoom lense...look at some of the photos he got.
I call this one "the tunnel"
 The sun setting on the tops of the trees
 Here's my attempt playing with our temporary toy.
And I also figured out how to use Kristen's camera in manual mode. How's that for the over exposing issue....run Boone run.
 I also watched quite a few movies.
Saturday night was girls night and I went to my friends house to eat Pad thai and watch Bride Wars.
 Very cute, for the most part it was what I expected with a bit of a different twist at the end.
Then I watched by myself The Women, a bit slow but okay.
 And Sunday I watched....Nights in Rodanthe. This movie was by far my favourite out of everything I watched this past weekend.
Okay,.....I was pre-warned that this movie was sad but I was not prepared for how sad. I swear with or without the pregnancy hormones I think I still would have been in sobs.
Then Kristen got home so chick flick time was over :(
We watched Taken....ugh....I'm sorry but the acting...not good. It's too bad cause the story itself I was actually quite impressed with. If you can get pass the acting you might actually enjoy this action-suspense movie.
Then we watched Underworld: Rise of the Lycans...I did like this one.
 I've only seen one other Underworld movie and that was quite a few years ago now...or I think it was. Either way this one was alright.
And last but not least we finished off with Bolt...a walt disney family movie.
 I normally enjoy animated movies, even if they are more for kids. But this one was a little too kiddy for me. Mind you I still liked it but will not be watching it again. Definitely recommend it for the kids though, super cute :)
And that was my weekend in review.
Today's Quote
Some beautiful things are more impressive when left imperfect than when too highly finished.
~Francois de La Rochefoucauld


Tara said...

Ummm...WHERE do you rent lens' from? I've seen this before but they are SO expensive....

Sounds like you had a really relaxing weekend - I'm envious!!

I'm blowing off Bible Study this afternoon - just to get some R&R (*tisk, tisk*, eh)!!!

Myrna Hynes said...

I'd love to have a full day of watching girly movies, that would be awesome!