Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend in Review

It was a wonderful weekend.
For three reasons
(1) The weather
Saturday was so warm out that I got a bit of a rosy glow on my cheeks and nose. Not quite enough to call a sunburn but definitely a glow :)
(2) I got most of the cleaning & organizing done that was on my to do list
(3) I read this entire book!
I started Friday night and finished it Sunday morning
Told you I was hooked.
All I have left to read now is Breaking Dawn and hopefully Midnight Sun once it's published....couldn't be soon enough.
So far I've been borrowing the books but I'm strongly considered buying them because I really do think I'd read these books more than once.
And as much as the movie doesn't measure up to the books I also broke down and bought the blu-ray disc so I can now watch Edward & Bella over and over :)
Today's Quote:
"Laugh where we must, be candid where we can."
~Alexander Pope

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Renee said...

I read all the books in like a week...and Eclipse is sooooo my favorite!! I love it! Not a fan of Breaking Dawn though. And if u wanna read the first part of Midnight Sun, its on Stephenie Meyers website...its just enough to get u hooked lol