Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend In Review

Had a great weekend, despite still trying to get over this cold :(
Kristen & I went away this weekend to Collingwood for an outdoor hockey tournament that he played in for the past 3 years. I've never been, this year he asked me along. We also stopped by to meet some friends of his, who ended up being some of the sweetest people I've met in a while.
They are the sweet owners of the oh so cute, 11 week old, Hershey
Boone also loved Hershey.
Maybe a little too much, he wouldn't leave her alone.
Honest if left alone he would have licked her to death.
Here she's hiding under the table to take a break, while Kristen is keeping an eye on them both.
This is where we stayed
Then off to the outdoor hockey tournament.
It was a FREEZING but beautiful day
The tournament could almost be called an old school honour system. Even though there's a referee on the ice he doesn't really call anything. Your to be responsible to play fair, call your own mistakes and so on. Most teams did abide by this and it was great to watch a bunch of guys just play for the love of the game. Regardless of the cold, if a guy just accidentally bumped him, if the other team were a bit offside. It was for fun :)
The score board for the day
And last but not least my favourite shot of Kristen from the day
Today's Quote
We look at the heavens nightly, but there are those with us who at a certain ineffable moment catch, as it were, the eye of a star.  ~Laura Spencer Portor

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