Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Baby Update: Week 13

My friend Daphne makes quilts.
Photo quilts in fact!
I'm sure I've mentioned it here on my blog before because they're beautiful.
I'm both a recepient of one of her quilts and also a customer since I purchased one as a gift for my Grandmother this past Christmas.
Anyway....she's posted her most recent quilt which was done as a baby shower gift AFTER the baby was born. It's sooooo cute and I thought I'd share in case you're in the market for a shower gift and want something unique.
Click HERE!
And speaking of babies, I thought I'd have an update for you today.
As I was typing this I received a call from the Midwifes office that I have a urinary tract infection so now I have to make an appoitment with my family Doctor to get a prescription. They're main concern with having a UTI while pregnant is leading to a kidney infection or it triggering pre-mature labour. I'm used to having this sort of infection so I'm not that concerned cause I know it's treatable and we're catching it now before its serious.
Overall I feel good and after having a very rough week with morning sickness last week, I'm feeling MUCH better this week. I'm half optimistic that it has finally passed.
Today I even have a photo of my mini baby bump :)
Today's Quote
"Happiness is the true beauty weapon"
~Susan Sarandon


Tara said...

OH MY - that baby bump is SO cute!!! are gonna make one glowing pregnant lady!!! I'm so excited....I can never see enough baby bumps!!! Hope you feel better (or glad you are)!!!

Myrna Hynes said...

UTI...not good, hope you're feeling okay tho'. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the wee baby bump!!!!

Janis said...

Love the Bump :-) so cute ..... Congratulations to you both :-) Hope to see you this summer !!!

Stephanie said...

Very very cute-it makes we want one again ;)

Heather said...

Ahhhh...soooo cute!!! We do need to see the moma's glow on her face though LOL!