Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekend in Review

It was a nice weekend, didn't do a whole lot.
Friday night I slept while Kristen went to hockey...shh, I was supposed to be watching my Friends season dvds that Kristen gave me for Christmas.
Saturday had a quiet morning around the house, did a new post for my photo blog. The first one of 2009...hoping to really getting the ball rolling back on that blog this week. Then went grocery shopping with Kristen (needed to get this weeks meal plan ingredients). We also brought Boone along. We normally buy our groceries at the Great Canadian Superstore and buy coffees to drink while shopping, this time was no exception. That was, until after grocery shopping we decided to rent a couple of movies for the evening and when we came out of the movie store we realized Boone had eaten one of the paper coffee cups, in whole! All that was left was the plastic lid in little pieces which is how we figured out he ate it in the first place. He's so sneaky and fast! This led to Kristen suggesting I start a list on my blog about everything Boone has I did. You'll see it on the right hand side below my profile pic. I'll update accordingly...honestly I hope not very often...but we'll see what he get's in too  :)
Sunday I shovelled some snow, practiced some photography techniques that I've been learning from a book I'm reading (another Christmas gift from Kristen) went to Kristen's hockey game and relaxed the rest of the evening. It was a great weekend.
Also I added a badge on the right for a blog I read called "This is Reverb" it's the blog of a Pastor in the USA that I discoverd through Pioneer Woman's website (he does guest cooking posts) and I'm completely intrigued by him. He's SO not a typical Pastor, or not typical in the sense of the Pastors I grew up listening too and seeing as a leader in the community. He has tattooes (almost completed sleeves), drinks wine, smokes cigars, and I can see some of your right now gasping out loud and saying he's no Christian. But you know what? His heart is right and who are you to judge? Anyway.....this is not the point of my post today. My point is to read his blog, it's a new perspective of modern Christianity. You don't have to agree, I'm just asking you to be open-minded. That's all.
Today's Quote:
"Want the change. Be inspired by the flame..."    ~Rilke

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Tara said...

WOW, sounds like you had a perfectly well balanced weekend! (me too, doesn't it feel great)

Boone sounds a lot like Marley (in the respect of eating things) in the movie Marley & Me. I would suggest going to see it (but bring a box of kleenex)!!!