Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Weekend in Review - Tuesday style

My weekend was a cold but nice one. Friday night I convinced Kristen to go with me to do grocery shopping so I wouldn't have to do it on Saturday since the windchills were going to be in the -20's....brrr.
Saturday I did some house cleaning, caught up on some shows I had PVR'd and then had pad thai with friends while babysitting Tristan. Who's hilarious, he's putting so many words together now and that with his own little dialect that I can't even understand half the time....I don't know how many times I was just giggling at the way he was explaining stuff to me....so cute. Or he would say something so random yet was completely appropriate that Kristen & I would just look at each other and laugh thinking how does he know that? 2 years old but smart as anything, that's for sure :)
Sunday again was FREEZING! So after Mommy picked up Tristan, I quickly ran to a friends house to drop off some things that I had borrowed and then went home and made it a movie day. I don't mind having weekends where I just stick around the house, we all need those every now and again. Especially when it's so cold out :(
Other than that things have been fairly normal. I feel disorganized with my blogging for this week so I'm hoping to take some time tonight to get all back on track with that. While doing laundry....so much fun...yay!
Random question: does anyone know why all the shows are repeats this week?
Luckily last nights episode of Gossip Girl was one that I had missed and one that Kristen had cancelled the recording on the PVR. However, I'm told Ugly Betty & Grey's are re-runs this week too, does anyone nkow why?
Okay that's my ramblings for today
Today's Quote:
"The happiest people don't have the best of everything. They just make the best of everything."

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