Tuesday, January 20, 2009

History in the Making - Inauguration 2009

 Today will be a day in history, in American history. I wonder how it will affect us, Canadians? Directly, indirectly?
I will take time today to watch President Obama's speech (probably tonight after work), as I'm sure it will be inspiring.
I am worried however that he has the weight of the world on his shoulders, literally. I hope people have realistic expectations of him. I honestly think he can do a great job as President as long as the critics are patient, all the while looking at the big picture. The media is so influential and people so easily led by it.
Do you think today is really the beginning of the "free world" as I've heard it called. Do you think today is the day that we unite? That all are equal? I'd like to think so, I really do. I hope today is the first day of Change. I hope when I'm old and grey I can talk about this day with my children. How do you feel about today?

Today's Quote
"Change, however, does not occur magically. It represents individual and collective pioneering efforts. You can still choose to be a pioneer? And I hope you will do so"  ~Stephen Breyer

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Ferran said...

6 million Spaniards (our of 45 Mill. inhabitants) followed the program on tv yesterday, broadcasting live from Washington, when Obama took office.

Most Europeans are 100% for Obama (I would say as much as they hate Bush). You're right to fear the expectations, which are so high that might make it hard to be objective, with regards the work of Obama.

In any case, Bush has been so incredibly bad, and has done such an amazingly nasty "work", that even if Obama does little, he will be a good, good president.

I wish him good luck - am sure he'll do good.

Greetings from Barcelona.