Monday, December 22, 2008

Weekend In Review

Happy Monday my friends. How was your weekend?
My weekend was good, interesting, fun.
Friday I was allowed to leave work early because of the CRAZY snowstorm that hit us. Which also meant Friday night was spent inside, at home. A blessing in disguise cause I was able to get some overdue cleaning done.
Saturday I went shopping with Kristen, Mom, Dad and the bro. Then went to some friends house for an early "Tip's Eve" party. It was nice except for the white out conditions we had while driving home.
Sunday did MORE cleaning, will it ever be done?!?!?! Then headed out to the arena to watch Kristen's hockey game.
Only 3 more sleeps and it's Christmas!!
Are you ready for it? I'm not....honest I don't even have a tree yet :(
It'll all work out though....always does :)
Today's Quote:
I must begin again, and again I / must begin. Every time I lose, / I win and must begin again. ~Joyce Sutpen

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Photo Quilts said...

No tree yet? Why for how come?