Friday, December 5, 2008

Coalition Government

****note**** after I did this post today I caught up on the comments on yesterdays post....and wow!!!! Angie thanks for all your comments you've made VERY valid points. See below to have at least a bit of a say.
AND...the truly exciting part, Jasmine Star left a comment on my blog...woo-freakin'-hoo!!!! In my head she's a celebrity so this is huge for me....LOL. Now how to convince her to move me to Orange County and take me under her wing....oh dare to dream..... you can go ahead and read my regular post for today...he he :)

I received this email today, even though Prime Minister Harper has suspended Parliment and the Coalition has been put on hold, for now. Take time to at least look at the petition and decide if it's something you would like to do. I'm not encouraging you either way, just educate yourself, exercise democracy....that's all.

Petition regarding the newly-formed Coalition

Please take a moment to express your thoughts about our current political situation! PLEASE FORWARD to as many CANADIANS as possible.

No – this isn’t a chain letter. No, you won’t have good luck or win the lottery, but you may just get the opportunity to exercise your right to vote, instead of having your vote erased by those that claim to “know better” than we as the Canadian electorate.

Signing takes only a minute, forwarding just a second – the results can last a lifetime!

Today's Quote
"In spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart. I simply can't build up my hopes on a foundation consisting of confusion, misery and death." ~ Anne Frank

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Angie said...

Thank you for saying that I made valid points. After I made the comments, I kind of did a mental slap in the head and thought, "What the hell kind of arguement am I going to get myself into?"

I think that Nunavut has a better democratic system - a concensus style government. There are no parties. MLAs run independant and once elected, they vote one which of them will be premier. So there's no such thing as a majority or minority which, I think, gives the residents of the territory much better representation.