Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween

It was a busy day on Friday, thus my lack of a post.....I dressed up as Ugly Betty this year, what can I say I'm a fan of the show :) Here's a photo of myself & Steph (the Cheerleader)
And here's Boone, Kristen & I bought him a Moose costume. Let's just say he wasn't too thrilled to have it on and wouldn't stay still long enough to take any sensible photos.
This one, I totally cracked up laughing cause he wasn't moving at all and just slying at me. I can imagine what he was thinking "I'm outta here as soon as I get a chance!"
And this one you can actually see the "moose" part a little better...he he he.
Hope you all had fun!!! I had a great time, despite not many kids showing up at my door, a whole 9 kids :(  Hopefully we'll get more next year.
Today's Quote:
The greatest joy of life is to accomplish. It is the getting, not the having. It is the giving, not the keeping. ~Frederick Banting


Tara said...

Oh my gosh....this is too cute with Boone! LOL

Stephanie said...

your costume was great

Daphne Hughes said...

Wow, love your costume and Boone was so cute too.... I can see why he wasn't happy with you though. lol.