Friday, October 3, 2008

Sweaters, Scarves & Self Portraits

I love sweaters, maybe its why I love fall so much. They're comfy, warm, cozy, go with jeans or dress pants, I could go on. This is my latest find at Suzy Shier (LOVE that store by the way too)
I had purchased a tunic type dress to wear with leggings in hopes to be a bit more stylish, but when I got home and put it all will NOT be sporting that fashion style. The word to describe me....frumpy...seriously! These legs do not pull off leggings :( So the dress is to be returned and the sweater replacing it. The purse is cute no I don't need the purse.

That being said, I also LOVE scarves and I'm tickled pink! that scarves are "IN" right now. Most people are sportin' pashmina's which I'm not opposed too I just haven't added one to my collection. I do however, have some dressier, sheer, type scarves. They just add that little bit of extra "punch" to a plain outfit. Maybe I'll post a couple of pictures of myself in the near future wearing them....I've realized I haven't had a picture of myself since Holly took one of me at the wedding we did in August (see profile pic)? Always a photographer these days ;)
I read a blog where a photographer is doing the "photographers 52 week challenge" where you (the photographer) take a picture of yourself once a week. I thought it was interesting, but is it conceited? Am I being a snob to want a picture of myself once a week? Maybe I'll do the "Christa's 12 month challenge" one photo of MOI once a month. That I can handle...not once a week. Ugh I can't even take that much of
Anyway.....those are my Friday ramblings. Sweaters, scarves & self portraits.
Have a GREAT weekend :)

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Myrna Hynes said...

I tried to buy one of those "NICE" scarves at Suzy. Saw a whole bunch of them in different colours (2 for $15) a couple of weeks ago and didn't get them. Went back - all gone!!! GURRRR!!

Also, I loooove the idea of doing the self portrait thing. It bugs me when I don't have any pics of myself at any events because I'm always the one behind the lens and my hubster is the worse photographer in the world. So yeah -- I'd love to see (even one pic a month).
Did I mention I have high speed now?