Friday, October 17, 2008

Boone: Before & After

Kristen & I really didn't know much about crating a dog until it was time to adopt Boone. We thought "how could you leave your dog in a cage all day?" But it goes to show how ignorant and un-educated we were about crates.
First the crate is a positive place for the dog. It's his den, his safe haven, his place to get away when he wants some quiet time. He's fed in there, he receives treats in there, sometimes he even get's a timeout in there but overall it's positive. Even in the morning when I'm about to leave for work Boone is in the crate even before instructed to do so. Because it means the days routine has begun and it also means he is getting his tasty Kong as a treat :)
Secondly, it's important to know a crate cannot be too big or puppy WILL go potty inside. Thus why Boone's oh so big crate currently is paritally blocked off to make it smaller for his puppy size. We'll extend the length as he grows.
And third, it's for his safety. He's a puppy, he doesn't know everything that is okay to chew or not okay to chew. If left alone I'd be terrified to go home in the evening out of fear if Boone were still alive and hadn't choked on something during the day. He's a chewer and does eat anything he can if not supervised, not to mention he's teething.
Here's Boone, just chillin' in his crate
One night this week I was fixing Boone's crate, he has some blankets and a pillow inside. We haven't purchased a "bed" yet since he's still growing and we'll invest in a full size one when he's bigger.
I call this the "before" photo
There's a reason I call it the before photo, that's because Boone IS a puppy afterall and he has spurts of energy and playfulness
Let me show you what the playfullness results in......
Yes, this is the "after" See how EVERYTHING is taken out of his crate.
See how he's looking oh so innocent? Like "what, what did I do?"
Just look at those big brown eyes!!!
And then he goes and does things like this.....I swear he did this all on his own. I have no idea how he manage to get so snuggled in. Makes me want to snuggle in with him.
And that's your Boone update for today :) Isn't he just the cutest dog ever??? I might be biased....just a little.
Happy Friday!!
Today's Quote:
"What counts is the ideals..." ~Robert Frost

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Nancy said...

I know this is probably semi-creepy of me...but I was reading a couple of your entries and we've totally got something in common. Both living in Ontario (I'm in Waterloo now) and I saw that you took some photos of Newfoundland (that's where I'm from!) on your second page of blog entries.

Small world!