Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cucumber & Dill

I'm a fan of the Renee's dressing.
And a few years back a friend of mine suggested that I buy Renee's Cucumber & Dill to mix with rice. He said it sounds weird but tastes great.
I thought " thanks!" First because I'm not a big fan of either cucumber OR dill and mixed in rice?? That's just eeeewwwww
I broke down a few weeks ago and bought the cucmber & dill dressing....
Then I proceeded to mix the dressing in rice.
Guess what?!? It's really good!! Especially if you're having a spicier dish the coolness of the cucumber is the perfect compliment.
Give it a try....
(I apologize for the blurred lighting was really low)
FYI!!....Renee's dressings are in the refridgerated section (usually in the area of your pre-packaged caesar salad kits, pre-cut veggies, things of that sort) since most of the ingredients are not simulated versions. The cucumber & dill dressing, for example, has REAL cucumber in it. Not cucumber "flavouring"
You will not find these dressings on the same shelf as your Kraft dressings to say the least.

Give it a might actually like it, I did :)

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