Thursday, August 7, 2008

Algonquin....THE post

So I'm hoping to be able to post this time without my computer freezing up.
Canoeing the interior of Algonquin was quite the experience, to say the least. First of all it was probably the hardest thing I've ever done physically in my life. Second of all, it rained, it always rains when we go camping (no lie, ask anyone who has ever camped with us) and because of that it was very discouraging for me. Take the physical aspect, add soaking wet gear to that, and it was a recipe for me to just be discouraged. Third, it's way out in the wilderness so it takes some re-programming of your thinking. We're so used to being 5 minutes from everything, having a cell phone signal at any time, that being so far away from "civilization" (I use that term loosely) that it's almost scary & overwhelming if you really allow yourself to think/worry about it.
However, with all of the above being said, I still LOVED our trip (we did cut it day short though because of the rain) and was so happy that I at least tried something new like this. I would do it again, definitely not this But eventually :)
Now...on to the photos
We saw Lots of loons. The sound/cry that they make is both fasciniating & eery at the same time.
Me watching the loon.
Kristen paddling it!
And my favourite photo of the whole weekend. This was when the rain did clear up for a little while, notice the pink sky :)

And that was our adventure :) Happy Thursday!

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