Monday, July 7, 2008

Recipe - Simple Spinach Salad

This is probably one of Kristen's favourite salads, which is kind of suprising since it's a "sweet" salad and this is the guy that puts hot sauce or vinegar on everything for the extra bite.
Simple Spinach Salad:
Baby spinach (you can use regular spinach but I don't recommend it)
Feta Cheese
Raspberry vinaigrette
Per serving/person take about a handful of spinach (approx 1-2cups) and place in small salad bowl.
Top with approx 2 tbsp of crumbled feta cheese & 1 -2 tbsp of raspberry vinaigrette (really don't need much since it is sweet)
Mmm...told ya it was simple!! Goes well with pork. Also if you don't like feta, I've used fresh grated parmesan (not the powder stuff in a Kraft jar) and that tastes good as well.

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