Monday, July 14, 2008

More Cottage Pics

So I'm way behind on blogging, editing, etc, etc, etc......
Today's post is of some of the animals we saw while there, this is just 'some' there were LOTS!
First...a rattle snake, and yes it's poisonous! It's the first poisonous snake I've "seen in real life" Notice he's on the rocks trying to soak up the warmth of the sun.
Then a baby raccoon, this one was under the dock and Kristen was the brave soul who ventured out in the water to 'make the shot' sorry about the blurriness but it looks great doesn't it?
Also in the water there were schools of itsy bitsy baby catfish, so many in fact, that you could scoop you hand in the water and voila!!
And this is my FAVOURITE picture and I didn't even take it. Kristen did...the boy has talent. What do you think?
Tomorrow scenery pics, Wed people pics, and Thursday a surprise!

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