Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Weekend In Review

This past weekend we were camping at Sibbald Point, on Lake Simcoe. Friday night it was Kristen & I, it rained most of the night but luckily Saturday it cleared up and it was sunny & hot the whole day. Early Saturday afternoon Steph, Ed & Tristan joined us and Kristen was thrilled to show Tristan how to fish

First he showed him fishing from the little "pond"

Only little fish in the pond but still proves a point :)

Then flip sides to the Lake to try the fishing....Tristan's turn (with some help of course)

I think it's the making of a pro :)

Later that evening Kristen and I headed back to the lake for the evening fishing.

OH....I think he has a big one!

You can do it, show me those muscles!

Almost there.....

And here it is the big fi....oh wait.....nevermind. Maybe next time hunny :)

Sunday morning we packed up, went for breakfast and headed home. Thankfully since we got hit with Thunder storms!

While relaxing I noticed this in the backyard!

A Momma Robin with a worm.

And on one of our patio chairs, a BABY Robin!!!

Who is sitting there, chirpping away to the momma, "come feed me!!"

Here's LUNCH! Yum!

Then off she flew....the baby Robin with a full tummy

We also watched the movie The Water Horse, which is kind of a loch ness monster story for older children. Both Kristen & I liked this one :) Check it out sometime. And that's the weekend in review, I do have a few more photos but that'll be another post for another day.

Happy Tuesday!

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