Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Eco Shopping

Here's a couple of websites that might interest you if you want to shop for accessories (mainly purses) that are eco-friendly:

They're Canadian and don't use any animal by-products. They're also cruelty free, amongst other things.
Their Plug:
"We offer accessories made from mostly repurposed and sustainable materials and are produced in fair trade, sweatshop-free environments. We hope to inspire more people to become "Ecoists" and think differently about the things they buy, how they are made, where they come from, and vote for a more sustainable world"
NOTE: They have purses made out of gum wrappers but it's not what you think, check out their site!

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Holly said...

Hey - you can get Matt & Nat products at Flaunt in Erin on Main Street. It's a little expensive though...