Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Movie Reviews

This long weekend was a great combination of busy and relaxing.
Friday and Saturday we're super busy with preparations for the bbq, an appt that Kristen & I had early Saturday morning, babysitting Tristan for the night and then the actual bbq. I'll post pics of the bbq tomorrow and finally the annoucement I've been teasing you about on Thursday.
Sunday night we watched "Dan in Real Life"
I personally liked this movie, Kristen gave it thumbs down when the credits started to roll. A friend of mine said she didn't like it either, she found it boring. But hey, guess that's why I'm quirky cause I did enjoy it. Not to mention I LOVED the soundtrack which I think I'll work on obtaining this week :)
Then yesterday morning while Kristen was hunting I started watching P.S. I Love You
I had already been warned that it was good and that it was a tear-jerker. All I'm going to say is this:
1) I absolutely LOVED this movie
2) I pretty much bawled from start to finish
I would recommend this one for sure to the ladies :)
And that's my post for today....Happy Monday!

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