Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Maggie our cat...our Mag-mag as I call her most times.
I was at the Digital Photography show this past weekend, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Took in a few free seminars and learned a tonne of stuff. Not to mention got a chance to take a look at some new technology that is not only awesome and would make my life so much easier but is way out of my price range too.
However, it did confirm a couple of things
1) I still have a LOT to learn (this I know & accepted a long time ago)
2) I love photography more than ever
So on Sunday I decided to take a few snaps of our little one...and here's my favourites.
First...chillin' on the floor. Normally she's lying in the spot of where the sun is shining in.
This is her lying in her "cat bed" she seriously needs a new one. Her's is very worn out.
And last but not least my favourite of all. She was looking out the back door (probably at some birds flying over) but I had a flower there trying to give it some sunshine since it got cold the other day and almost died. She squeezed in between the door and the flower, here's the shot I got :)

Happy Tuesday!

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