Monday, April 14, 2008

Fort St. Felipe

These are photo's of Fort St Felipe that we visited during our Puerto Plata/Sosua tour....the info Puerto Plata website gives this history of it......
Fort "San Felipe" is the principal colonial monument of the city of Puerto Plata. It has a great similarity with the architecture of the San Augustin Fort in Florida. It is said that the same plans and people were used to build it.The corsairs and pirates were constantly invading the city and rob its citizens, so in 1569 started its construction and was terminated in 1577. In 1605 the fort was dismantled and rebuilt in 1739 and equipped with military personnel to guarantee the safeguard of the city.Since 1974 the Cultural in heritage Office has converted the Saint Felipe in a Colonial Museum.

The guy in the blue baseball hat and white shirt was "Archie" who was our tour guide for the day. Archie isn't his real name because his spanish name is too hard to say in english :)
Great view
Probably my FAV Dominican "scenery" pictureAnd this is the old man who was telling us some of the history of the building. There were these small doors you could walk through, but back in the day it was how they would "be-head" the enemy. I think he said he was 92 or 96 or something like that. All tips given were going to his eye surgery to restore his eyesight. He spoke 5 languages and was very charismatic. I think he was both mine and Kristen's favourite person that we "met" in Puerto Plata.

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