Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Millcroft Photo Shoot

Today's post on my photo blog is a sneak peek for the families that I did my most recent photo shoot for, at the Millcroft Inn. I hadn't been there before but was thoroughly impressed with the scenery (out in the country) the building itself (built in the 1800's I think) and overall everything about it.
So here's the sneak peek for you as well.....I'm just figuring out how to watermark/copyright my photos along with using some photo editing programs (yes I'm finally breaking down and using them, I've been very opposed for so long. I was very much a junkie for the raw photo without any touch ups) Any constructive criticism would be appreciated.
Hope you like...
This pose of "S" is by FAR my favourite of her, the un-intentional shot of her "deep in thought" even for a 2 year old
This technique Kristen used on a couple of our wedding pictures which I LOVED! When I saw this trunk it screamed "take a picture of me!!" I thought this would be the "perfect" look for this shot. I soften up the picture so the white background wouldn't look as harsh thus making it look a bit out of focus. But no worries, it was on purpose :)

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