Monday, February 25, 2008

Weekend in Review - Movie Junkie :(

1 month til Peurto Plata!!! Woo-hoo!!!
Sorry I can't help myself, I'm just so excited. I even went out and bought my new bikini's for the trip this past weekend. I'm pretty much ready to go....just need to get the hubby organized now.
It was a nice weekend. Kristen didn't have hockey friday night so we watched The Heartbreak Kid with Ben Stiller. I thought it was good, but in the end I think Kristen liked it more than me. I was leaning more towards romantic comedy but it kind of wasn't it was more of a "guy" romantic comedy if there's such a thing?
Saturday Kristen was feeling better so he went to a hockey tournament in Collingwood. I went shopping (thus the bikini purchases), then watched Terms of Endearment it's an old classic from 1983 that I have wanted to watch but never bothered. I bawled my eyes out, great movie though. Blaine showed up then and we went to public skating at the arena, first time in years I'm guessing about 4 or 5 there was literally rust on my skate blades and get this the pro shop was closed so I couldn't get them sharpened. I managed to skate though and it was really nice to get a bit of exercice and catch up with the bro. Then we had a nice bbq'd dinner and that was about it.
Sunday I was supposed to have a photoshoot but it's post-poned due to illness. So hopefully this weekend but we'll see how things go. Instead I lazed around the house ALL day...seriously. Kristen and I watched Good Luck Chuck with Jessica Alba & Dane was okay. Not one of my fav romantic comedies. And then I watched the last hour or so of An Inconvient Truth (will elaborate more on tomorrow's post) and last but not least I watched No Reservations with Catherine Zeta Jones it's another sort of drama/romantic comedy. Again, it was okay.
Then because I was complete mush from letting my brain be fried by television I went to Kristen's late hockey game (9pm to be exact) it was soooooo good to get out of the house and stop watching movies. Holy cow...I can't remember the last time I watched so much of it. And Kristen's team won so even better!
Anyway....that's it....a list of movie reviews....exciting huh? Til tomorrow...


Daphne Hughes said...

You need those lazy weekends sometimes to just un-wind and relax. Nothing wrong with de-stressing for a couple of days.

Stephanie said...

I really disliked Good Luck Chuck but liked Heartbreak kid.