Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Baby Sleigh

Conversation on Sunday....
Poppy Manuel: Kristen's sleigh is up on the land from when he was a baby. It even has a rope across it that his dad put there so Kristen wouldn't slip out.
Christa: Really?
Nanny Betty: Do you want it?
Christa: Yes!
Kristen: No!
Christa: WHAT?!?! Of course we want it. It has sentimental value and if it's in good condition we'll have it for our baby......
Last night I came home from work to THIS sitting in the snowbank in front of our house!

It's perfect!
Of course it has a few minor dents, chips and scratches but who cares that's what makes it SO freakin' awesome! I am so happy about this find. I have my old table/chair set and rocking chair in Nfld that I'll be putting in the nursery once we actually get pregnant and start a nursery. And now we have something from Kristen's childhood too! I've since found out that they put a little belt in them but they can still be bought/ordered from Sears. How great is that? But it doesn't matter cause now we have a classic :)
For now it's in safe keeping til we're ready to use it.
Also, in the theme of parenting, I've discovered this website through another blog that I read. I found it really interesting since it's not a "how to" per se, but more or less ideas to help things go a little smoother....check it out:

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