Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Busy Bee

I swear he spends every waking minute at the basement lately...not really, but he is certainly dedicated to the cause. When we bought our house, we bought with full intentions of finishing the basement ourselves and had all sorts of plans and ideas. Kristen had started some of the framing last winter but things were put off once summer rolled around. So now that hunting season is over, his new job outside of work is the basement. And so far, I'm thoroughly impressed with his ability. I NEVER would be able to take on such a feat and actually do a decent job at it. Here's a few before, and "in the works" photos....
Our rec room...BEFORE:
Our Rec the works:
Hard at work
And the close up :) which he'll probably give me heck for putting on here...but doesn't he look cute with his drill and all?
I'll post more photos as he goes along.

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