Friday, November 16, 2007

Poppy Manuel's Boots my new favourite picture.
I think because they're just good 'ol pogy boots (newfie slang) that everyone you knew owned a pair....from grandfather, father, brother, and sometimes the women too. No matter how poor or rich you were it wasn't part of equation when trying to decide if you were going to buy them. For Nfld life ...more in the past then nowadays, they were a necessity. And who could forget the good plaid coat that they all wore with it too, in either blue, green or bright red. Reminds me of my childhood when I saw dad dressed in his or Pop dressed in his, it meant they were either going to cut wood, pack wood in the shed, or any number of "outdoor chores" And then seeing Poppy Manuel with his on the other day with the same purpose in mind, hit a soft spot with me. I'm just so glad I have happy childhood memories like these. Also knowing that I'm surrounded by hard working men...regardless of their age. It's their mentality til they die, a heritage that I'm very proud of.

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