Friday, November 2, 2007

Kristen's Deer 2007

This is the earliest Kristen has ever shot a's usually in December and much closer to Christmas. His first deer was on Christmas eve which I'm sure I've mentioned before.
This year he shot probably the biggest deer yet, a doe, not even a buck. She's quite the brut :)
But here's where the story is so funny.....Kristen & I have discussed on NUMEROUS occassions how practical it would be for us to purchase a truck. It would just make sense with the hunting, camping, and so on. However, it's just not in our budget to buy one...even a used one.
Yet when Kristen backed up to the garage and this is what I saw sticking out of his car, I couldn't help but laugh and capture the Kodak moment. We still won't be getting a truck in the near future but we defintely need to figure something out for poor 'ol Kristen ;)

And he still has more deer tags to do more hunting....guess we'll see what happens. I'm proud of ya hunny, and congrats on the first deer with your compound bow.


Stephanie said...

Wow-it is a good size for sure

Myrna Hynes said...

The legs sticking out the back cracked me up!! lmao!
Congrats on the deer Kristen!