Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I'm a hockey bunny

Kristen and I joke around about hockey bunnies all the time...the girls who go to hockey games just to hook up with a player after the game. Kind of like girls who are groupies for rock bands.
So I guess that makes me Kristen's hockey bunny....ha ha. I've been going to almost all of his games on Friday nights and Sunday afternoons. The teams have been playing pretty well....not all losses :)
I love watching him play....sometimes I'm loud and cheer him on. Other times I just like to stay quiet and observe (especially on Sundays...I usually enjoy a coffee or hot chocolate from the bar)
I think some of the other wives/girlfriends don't get why I go....I think they see it as me being clingy (I could be wrong but it's just my feeling) but I go because I want too, I go because I like being social with the other wives/girlfriends, I go because I love to watch him play. AND even though Kristen would never admit it, I think he likes me being there to watch and support him. So I to convince him to come out to my volleyball games!

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