Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Civic Long Weekend

It was a great long weekend, Friday I had the day off work, so I ran some errands, then headed to Flesherton with Kristen, Vicky, Stephanie, Tristan, and Corey for some camping. The weather was great, it was very relaxing and had a good time. I have a TONNE of pictures so I'll post them throughout the week, here's today's post of pics :)
If Tristan could talk here, he would be giving Kristen heck for taking pictures in the dark and the bright flash "blinding" him.....LOL

Tristan in his camo gear...how cute!

Steph & I

We're cracking up laughing here cause Corey just took a picture of my legs by accident...his superb photography skills apparently

Kristen just "chillin"

The awesome fire :)

Kristen taking a dip in the lake to cool down

Steph giving Tristan a swimming lesson


And a pregnant Vicky, can you see her belly? So cute :)

I'll finish up with a thought for the day:
"Life isn't just about what you can have; it's about what you have to give." —Oprah

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